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    When translating websites, information must be conveyed in a natural manner, so that it is easily comprehensible to the broader public.
    Swift, precise, courteous, accessible. Adjectives that convey a rough idea of what the attorneys, their clients, and a judge expect of a professional court interpreter...
    As we work exclusively with graduate and/or certified translators, we can provide translations of official documents that will be accepted by public...
    When the quality inspection team of a very well known global company was sent by the headquarters to carry out a check on the Cyprus offices....
    There are substantial differences between the translation of, say a website and a legal text. Likewise, there are considerable differences betwee...

    In this type of interpretation the interpreter translates the speaker’s sentences one by one, after the latter has finished speaking. On the one hand, this is something that...


    We understand the importance of confidentiality for all our clients. Every assignment will be treated with utmost confidentiality. In some cases... more

    Quality Service

    Our clients are given the option of being able to cooperate closely with us, so that we may adopt the suitable register and style for their specific needs...  more

    Professional Translators

    All our collaborators are selected through a process following strict standards based on education, experience and perceived efficiency... more


    The clients of a translation company may be any natural or legal persons that wish to communicate either in writing or verbally with another person ... more

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