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A translator is the usually invisible person responsible for the transfer of the writer’s intention into a different language. Having been trained to achieve just the right amount of independency, the translator is responsible if the reader does not understand the document’s meaning, even though they did not draft the original document in the first place.

If we were to analyze this we would go down many levels; roughly though, the translator will take into consideration initially the document’s target readership. Is it an article in a scientific magazine or in a newspaper? Does the information target the people who specialize in the field or those who are merely interested in it? Then, one must think about how can the writer’s style, approach, choice of words be transferred into a different language with the minimum loss? Would the reader understand a motto or saying or does it have to be adjusted, localized accordingly in order to make any sense?

Amongst the countless combinations of factors that build the path to the final choice of register, the ability to judge whether the words should be sacrificed for the greater meaning or vice versa, is a translation’s core. Translating is the procedure of forming a document within a subjective working environment even though it must address objective criteria.


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The clients of a translation company may be any natural or legal persons that wish to communicate either in writing or verbally with another person ... more

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