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CLIENT OR PARTNER: How do you think the translator/ interpreter you use should treat you?
Thursday, January 19, 2012
Translation is an intermediary process. If it has to be done, it serves a subsequent purpose: after the establishment of a company and prior to its official registration, following the collection of certain documents and prior to their submission to the competent authority, after the issuance of a certificate and before briefing the interested managers abroad. When the translation is the last piece before the conclusion of a series of processes, you should expect the translator to treat you as a client; respect the fact that your deadline must be met and make sure that you receive a quality against a value-for-money price.  

Amongst others, the translator is trained to research for reference documents. The knowledge they carry constitutes the foundation for the end result. Nevertheless, terminology of each professional field varies depending on the usage, the applications, and even depending on the country one is located. Naturally, each professional is at home in their own field of specialization. Provide your translator with responses to questions that concern your field. The translation will immediately gain the incomparable advantage of having derived from team work.

As in any case of provision of services, the best possible result is achieved when the appreciation towards the clients is enhanced by the ability to work together with them, as a team. Besides, this co-existence is in our view the definition of professionalism. 


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