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1. Why do you refer to translation and interpretation as if they are two different things?

This is one of the common misconceptions in the field of translation. Even though both services involve conveying meanings from one language into another, a translator deals with written text, whereas an interpreter translates orally what the speaker is saying.

2. How much does a translation cost?

Numerous factors are taken into account before answering this question: the language combination, the volume of the original document, its subject and level of specialization, and timeframe/ urgency will all be weighed before a free quote is provided.

3. How soon can I have my document translated?

In order to be certain that you will have the translation when you need it, contact us and let us take a look at your document as soon as you know that it must be translated. First, we need to ascertain the volume, the technical knowledge required (i.e. is it a birth certificate or a patent?) and when were you expecting to have it delivered. We will only agree with the delivery deadline we can meet.

4. My neighbour’s daughter studied German. Can I have her translate my company’s brochure?

Legally you can. But, even if she is bilingual and can speak and write in German, she can’t necessarily produce a good translation. That brochure showcases your company’s profile. If you really want to use own resources you can do that and have the document proofread by a professional linguist, which may cost less than asking for a full translation. Why risk circulating on the internet as one of the many bad translation jokes?



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